NIMBUS - new carbon fiber monocoque racing drone.


      Building a racing drone is always a compromise between low weight and high strength. Today’s typical racing drone design is based on lightweight and strong material – carbon fiber. Usually, it is an open frame made of a number of flat carbon fiber details, connected with bolts and nuts. Obviously, open electronic components are affected by the environment – sand, dirt, water drops. Such a set-up can be quite easily broken down during collision, crash or dive in the water. A drone pilot often has to bring two or more drones to the races, and spend a lot of time repairing them.

Nimbus 195 - is full carbon fiber monocoque frame, made as one continuous shell with a special technology. Monocoque design is widely used for example in aerospace and automotive industries (airplanes and car bodies).

Such design gives a number of special features which differs Nimbus from ordinary flat carbon frames: it is lightweight, enclosed strong and very durable body with high-quality aerodynamic form.

    The first prototype with a frame size 220 mm, was made in January 2016, and was known under name of k-Pix 220, or Kolobok (a “bun”, fun and nimble hero or Russian fairytales).

    After extensive tests, 20 units were delivered to pilots. Feedback was collected and used in the advanced design of Kolobok V.2, which got name NIMBUS.


    We make the frame for Nimbus drone with a special technology, forming a carbon fiber “from the inside” in a cavity mold with a special bladder. As a result, we are getting seamless structure and a fundamental increase of strength, keeping the very low weight. The thickness of the shell walls is varying, depending on the stress level and stress distribution in that area. The stress level is considered during collisions with hard obstacles. In most stressed regions the thickness of the carbon is higher, in less stressed — lower, it varies from 1 to 4 mm. It is very efficient use of carbon fiber properties.

All electronic components of Nimbus drone, camera, and battery – are placed in this enclosed body and protected from the environment. And there are significant advantages, coming with enclosed and strong body, like:

-    Extreme survival and endurance with perfect protection from crashes and collisions

-    Super lightweight - varying thickness of the carbon fiber over the body to optimize strength-to-weight ratio.

-    IP 54 ingress protection rating – protected from water drops and splashes getting inside the body

-    Excellent aerodynamics given by efficient streamlined shape for omnidirectional flight. Minimum air resistance, high speed, and maneuverability.


What have we inside?

The RTF version will have a set of components proven by flight experience:

-    5″ props

-    Newest F4 flight controller

-    Powerful 2206 2600 kV motors

-    30/45 deg adjustable FPV camera HS 1177/1190

-    On-screen display (OSD)

-    Titanium fasteners for lowest weight and durability

-    LiPo graphene battery 1300-1500 mAh

-    Weight 310 g (w/o battery)

-    Available as “frame only” and RTF versions

And it will be HD video-link ready for further upgrades. Such system like Connex Pro Sight fits into Nimbus body.



      Of course, you can reach ultimate performance on any of mentioned features, make the lightest drone, or waterproof drone, or fastest dragster, or flying tank, but we were trying to have optimum balance for all features, and first of all to the benefit of a user – the Pilot. Enjoy your flying!

     Nimbus Drone will have its campaign on Indiegogo platform started 1st of December 2016. Our campaign is aimed to raise funds for the establishment of the specialized high-quality production of hollow carbon fiber forms. We are starting with our first product - Nimbus Drone which will be ready for shipments in March 2017. If you are interested pushing racing drones design to a new level, or you are looking for new ideas – please, let us know and support our project!

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  • MR60

    Very nice product. Very nice onboard video, not a vibration. Will sell well.

    (congrats to the pilot)

  • Yeah, very cool!  I've been waiting for things like this.

    Then I saw Indiegogo.  :(  I'll wait.  Sorry, too many drone failures.

  • Moderator

    Wow that's pretty cool. I've often thought about investigating the cost of a custom carbon monocoque but I'd never even considered the reverse vacuum form style approach you've gone with. 

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