NIR Images in the Makgadikgadi



I was touring the makgadikgadi this December in Botswana and here is some interesting Raw NIR images I have taken.

Here are some boabab trees in the NXAI salt pans



Here is of the salt pans


Here is of an elephant covered in mud, note the previous images containing people where the people is a purple as well and then look at the elephant covered in mud.



Here I took an image with a healthy bush next to a dead bush, see the difference.


You can go and download these images and process them at and see the NDVI and IR Image of these images. We will be shortly adding this camera to one of hour talons to do some aerial photography. 

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  • Check out this video in the makgadkgadi I took with the multirotor

  • @Criro I used a sony cybershot 10.1 megapixel for this (I recommend the SX230HS) and I removed the IR filter and in the same cavern I placed a blue filter from public lab.

    One can play around with the images from this tool , here is a little blog regarding this

    @Petrus I flew at kubu island and all over the makgadkgadi nature reserve with the new 433mhz telemetry modules (wich was connected to a tablet) and 5.8ghz 500mw FPV  and had no issues. I am busy uploading the videos to youtube and will post it as soon as possible.

    One c

  • Christiaan, I had issues flying on the Sowa Pans which caused a crash. All frequencies are monitored and squelched on the Sowa Pans including Kubu Island. So if anyone considers flying around the Makgadigadi please do a long range comms check first.

  • what can and filter have you used ?

  • the original pictures are IR + RGB right ?

  • @Criro1999,  You can use AgPixel to process the NIR into NDVI as well as many other capabilities that will be coming online in the next few months.

  • Very nice images. I just did surf the Infragram website last week and find many interesting details.

    What camera did you use? Did you just simple remove the IR filter or did you add the NIR (blue) filter from Infragram?

    Is any software to process NIR image to become NDVI, except that online processing?

    Thanks again, great and nice effect with NIR.

  • No issues at all, I drove thru the borders without hiding the multirotor and a lot of people saw me flying it and taking aerial videos.

  • Cool ! Love Botswana... Any issues flying ? I am hoping to bring a quad with me to Kenya later this year.

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    Got to love Baobabs 

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