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    Veikko, I not flew with APM.

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    1. Unstable, especially in pitch. You like rodeo in air - tailless for you.

    2. LD...Nothing to say. With similar wing load, same setup, classical design flew 2-3 time longer.

    3. Everything is fine, when you flew on manual mode. Tune AP in tailless - thanks, another question please. :)

  • Very slick.

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    Beautiful airframe, well done. Are you getting better flight times per maH ? I think one of the biggest issues around here is people overload airframes.

    Looks like elevator rudder?

  • Could you please elaborate on your experiments and conclusions that have led you away from tailless designs?  I say this because I am currently working on a tailless design and would appreciate any knowledge you have attained through your experimentation.

  • That's really nice looking.  It reminds me of Andy Lennon's designs.

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    Lovely design! What was the attraction of tailless in the first place?

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