Nvidia TX1 SE kit a steal at $200.00

Hi all, long time no post, but this is too good.
3689719623?profile=originalThose of you doing development want this.
At $200.00 it is 3 times cheaper than the TX1 normal development kit/board and the only difference is no camera module, but any USB camera can be used.

Not quite the poop of the TX2, but for object avoidance or even navigation, by far the best / cheapest deal anywhere.

You will need to sign up as a Nvidia developer, but easy peasy.


If you really want to do neat stuff, this is what you need.

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  • Hi ben,
    True enough, but cant wait to see you stick the 1080 Titan on your quadcopter with enough battery so it can still get off the ground.

    I have a 1070 in my computer, but its not going airborne any time soon.
    Navigational grade 3D vision especially with scanned laser rangefinders does not require quite so many GPUs however.


  • Cannot run a full offline convolutional neural network (cnn) at <15fps to track live video :(

    The TX2 is not powerful enough to do it.

    For full live 25fps object identification, we will need something with greater gpu processing power & greater than 8gb memory. I think nvidia's laptop series gpu (GTX 1080) might be possible. Hey! Nvidia, lend me a gtx 1080 or a titan?! :D

  • We want in Australia! :-(

  • I ordered it immediately when they sent me a developer notice.

    Their software is demanding but immensely powerful and free, with a big community to back it up.

    For any kind of 3D vision or object relative navigation this is the puppy you need.

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