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  • Just what I am looking for!!!
  • The author replied to my email with a link to the source code, and some comments about how the code is available both as GPL v3.0 and as a commercial license (the owner being his university).

    I think he temporarily removed the source code offer from his home page, to have time to check with his university the ins and outs of licensing - but he looks like he's definitively a pro-Open Source guy.

    Licensing (patents, copyrights) is a nice revenue stream for universities, that's probably why that option appeared suddenly ?

    Anyway, we now have a nice and shiny new toy to play with!! If only days could be 48h long...
  • So has anyone got a copy of matlab, and been able to compile this code? thus proving it works etc?


  • source code


    OpenTLD is an open source library for real-time 2D tracking of a single object in video. This repository is no longer under development. For latest v…
  • Hi, there is a link on this site now where he has started a google group where he wants to discuss and help others on using this code, so it looks like we can all help each other in getting what we want from this very exciting code.

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    The source is up again on Github (linked from his page

    Perhaps the community here should have talked to him instead of releasing the bloodhounds on a search for sourcecode.

    He might even be a nice guy willing to share his ideas with the UAV community.

    My 5 cents
  • I guess we won't see much of this guy, till he shows up in the tabloids. Great work, wicked world.
  • I'm confused (and not just the general sense)... the behaviour is that the author did something wrong and is hence trying to back track on publishing source, but the messages are that he's pro-open-sourcing this.


    Hidden message reads

    Currently we are <strong>considering</strong> to start an open source project with to goal to create a library that could be easily used in multiple platforms. The particular steps in the development would be as follows: (1) port current Matlab/C-based code to  Mac and Linux, (2) get rid of Matlab, (3) port the code to Android and iPhone. If you are interested in working on these problems, please drop me a line.

    Isn't sticking it on git-hub and letting the hackers loose on it going to achieve exactly that?
  • Yes, if anyone could post the source it would be sweet.  It seems all the github forks are gone. :(



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    Yup, it's definitely gone from github. Sound like Jay, Ramon, and Gerry have it.
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