3689575077?profile=originalThis large octorotor is developed as part of my master thesis at the University of Southern Denmark where I'm studying a MSc in Robot Systems

The octorotor is part of a system for weed detection in crop rows, where a camera on the platform is taking images of an agricultural field and an on-board embedded computer, running computer vision algorithms, is used to detect the position of the weed and the crop. The system should help reduce the amount of herbicides that is needed to prevent the weed in the field.

I know that a much smaller multirotor could have been used instead, but the platform is meant to be used for other projects afterwards, where heavy professional camera  and sensor equipment could be carried by the drone for research and student's projects. A payload of at least 3 kg should be possible, or maybe even higher!

Until now only the mechanical parts have been assembled; frame and motors, while I'm waiting for the rest to arrive - can't wait to get in in the air and test it!3689575120?profile=originalSpecs:

Frame: Tarot Iron Man 1000

Autopilot: Pixhawk with GPS and telemetry

Motors: 8x Tarot 4114, 320kv

ESC: 8x Maytech MT40A SBEC with SimonK

Propellers: 8x 1555 carbon

Batteries: 2x Turnigy Nano Tech 8000 mAh, 6S

University of Southern Denmark


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  • T3

    Not yet... I am looking for both long endurance and some payload. I am currently working on several big hexacopters designs. The advantage of a hexa this size is that you can mount larger props. But an octo with 15'' - 17'' props is also very interesting. I hope you provide updates on your progress! :-)

  • Okay I'm not sure about the weight of the platform alone, but 2x1111 g for batteries and 8x148g for motors. Are you also using this platform or planing to do so?

  • T3

    Hey Søren, thanks! Would be great to know! The hobbyking says 1111g per battery. 

  • Regarding the 16" props I'm not sure, with my 15" props I have a clearance of something like 5-6 cm, so if you put 16" on I think you would get turbulence or vibration, but not sure.

  • Hey Thorsten

    Yeah it's really large! I can try to measure the weight of the frame+motors Monday when I go back to school, but I haven't received my batteries yet. I can update you, when I have the total weight of the complete setup!

  • T3

    Søren, looks pretty big and nice! What is the current weight - with and without batteries? Would 16'' props fit?

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