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Official Development Guides for 3DR Solo


We are very pleased to announce the launch of the official 3DR Development Guide for Solo. This is a huge first step in introducing developers to the 3DR platform and growing the Solo dev community! We are excited keep building out this resource and also encourage others to participate as well. As the Solo Development Guide continues evolving, so will the endless possibilities of different Solo applications.




The Solo Development Guide currently covers:


  • A general overview of how Solo works

  • How to Access and work with Solo's Linux distribution

  • How to Upload and run Python scripts, including DroneKit-Python

  • How to run services that run on boot

  • Process video as it’s being streamed to and from Solo

  • How to Troubleshoot Solo

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  • OK, next error. I'm trying to run solo-utils resize-fs, and getting this error:

    error: missing packages. please run:

      solo-utils tunnel-start

      smart install parted libss2 e2fsprogs e2fsprogs-badblocks e2fsprogs-mke2fs lsof

    The last command is failing. If I run smart install on individual packages, I get a short progress indicator ("####", etc) and an error (e.g. "error: 'parted' matches no packages"). Tunnel is running, so I'm not sure what the deal is.


  • Oops, never mind. I just restarted Solo and I'm now able to do things like "wget -O- http://google.com" and get some action. Awesome!

  • I seem to be stuck getting tunneling to work. If I run:

    solo-utils tunnel-start

    I get this:

    tcp tunnelling service started.
    waiting 10s to connect...
    checking if we are connected... (60s)


    checking if we are connected... (10s)

    ...then a stack trace. Any idea what I might be doing wrong?

  • Thanks all, that makes sense. Can't wait to try this (the development, not plugging in the ethernet cable).

  • 3D Robotics

    thanks @daniel, here's a report for this incident, it's something we keep getting asked, we will probably add this to the guide https://github.com/3drobotics/solodevguide/issues/123

    How to keep connected to internet on the development host while connected to Solo · Issue #123 · 3d…
    Author: Kelly Schrock Source: DIYD This is great. I have a dumb question though... I have no problem switching to the Solo's wifi and logging in,…
  • @Kelly

    You can use ethernet or use a second wifi adapter/card

  • This is great. I have a dumb question though... I have no problem switching to the Solo's wifi and logging in, but what's a good way to get access to both the Solo and an internet connection at the same time? 

  • Developer

    Nicely done.  The easy availability of the solo and it's accessory bay, the companion computer etc makes it a quite reasonable dev platform.

    By the way, for those developers who want to use the Solo for their development, either the 3DR solo branch or ardupilot master can be used.  Below is a video of ardupilot master flying on my Solo this morning.  So you have choices!

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