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  • I thought the comments about swarming were very impressive. What other UAVs do that?

  • Has anyone looked at the FAQ. The claims are that it only weights 60 grams fully loaded. And that by being low weight and having motors that can reverse from 100,000 RPM to the opposite 100,000 RPM in 250ms. I can't comment on the speed of that motor reversal - seems difficult physics - with a propeller.

    But the 60 grams? And 15 minutes flight time?

  • Guys, I'm not claiming it's a scam.  I just find it incredible that all these quadcopters that all seem the same go over $1M so easily, and then something really cool like the Xplusone struggle.

  • Could this be real??? I am developing similar functionality in larger drones. I don't know what kind of CPU should be inside. But

    -return to base and land on man's hand

    -face recognition and kind of follow me

    -IR obstacle avoidance

    -15-20min flighttime with all above functionality

    Maybe I was enjoying too much Xmas holidays and lost tracking what's happening in the rest of the drone world. But this seems to me more like sci-fi then reality.

  • Also, let's not forget the Black Hornet military (propaganda) copter. Which seems like it was a modded Syma S107 helicopter.. Almost modded by the same design team for the zano?

  • To me, it looks like a WLtoys v272 that has had a makeover by some design graduate.

    wltoys micro - Google Search
  • btw, this springs to mind:

  • If it looks too good to be true, it usually is. I read once that people are backing their own kickstarter projects with unsupportable donations as the hype and media attention are worth the hustle. Personally I think it's desperation of some sort.

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    Or get a hackable crazyflie today
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