Ok i have the Easy Star , i have gotten the Ardupilot board (dang it is so small ) i wonder if my shaky hands can solder it togather .i have ordered my 2.4 Ghz radio a Fubata 7C with the digital servos pack (these are for working another project www.paintballsentry.com it is evil MUW HA HA HA HA) i ordered my video link TX 900Mhz and from Range Video i got my camera and the Easy Star canopy replacment pan /tilt mount (very cool) .i still lack an FMA ,and GPS and a few other parts but things are procceding . the more i look at the OSD the more i like it but i wonder if i can run it in base station with video feed to an Aspire One 8.9" 8 Gig memory solid state drive XP based computer ?as far as the coding for the Ardupilot i am in over my head and i know it (sitting here with eyes bugged out in amazement and more than a bit glazzed over )i am going to have to learn to fly the Easy Star so i got a cheap battery for my Crash practice .i just hope this old dog isn`t too old
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  • Chris ,
    that is the one reason i chose the Easy Star to start with, your work in writing the code made the decision for me and i want to express my thanks for it and the nice clear setup guide you have blogged , oh i will still have questions but you have done a good job making it easy to see what is what .

    i will never be able to code my mind doesn`t work that way i can barely do math except in my areas of expertise ,machining , mixed gas diving and long range ballistics .

    if i dont know what the varibles in a formula are in terms i can see, touch ,feel it is all greek to me just a jumble of letters and numbers.

    there are some tricks this dog can`t learn getting old sucks LOL but true
  • 3D Robotics
    You don't need to code to use ArduPilot. The setup utility makes it easy and the few other settings that may need to be changed are clearly commented. No programming required!
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