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  • re: photogrametry

    Their NZ partner Areograph has online service - Areoscan that will soon transform photos using pointclouds into digital elevation model (DEM).

  • Sure is a Canadian Connection.

    Aircraft is here

    Cant say too much about photgrammtry solution

    Autopilot is NZ Defence Technology Agency Design.

  • T3

    That product looks familiar.. I think there is a Canadian connection...


  • Great Data!

    I go with the other two, more Info please :-)

    Fram A to Z if possible :-) Plane, Camera, AP, Software, Time for processing....

  • Moderator

    Amazing.. what is the process to do this product... which software do you use? Is this done with photogrametry?



  • nice! which autopilot did you use?
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