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Can anybody shed some light on the accuracy of the airflow around the fuselage on the attached image? The wing is based on the GM15 foil. Rest of the details is in the picture. The modeling was done with XFLR5.Does the results of lift, drag etc look credible?

RgrdsSarel Wagner
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  • It looks like this project has stalled (also in another thread:

    However, perhaps everyone will be interested to note that an Open Source Airframe has just been released by the OpenRelief project. 

    Here is an overview of the specs:  
    * Length 1.4 meters
    * Wing span 1.8 meters
    * Chord 30cm
    * Uses counter-rotating motors (redundancy, speed, balance, no torque)
    * Uses remote servos (wing flaperons, the tail surface) for more storage and ease of repair
    * Empty weight 3kg
    * Thrust is 12kgs
    * Max load 12kg (lift at 100mph/160kph is approx 12kg)
    * Endurance is between 1 to 4 hours with existing specifications
    * Wings can be repositioned to change CoG for large payloads
    * Stringers located on the fuselage to carry the wing, landing gear and other items (modules)
    * These channels also hold internal items like the motor via bulkhead rings, for quick changes
    * Fuselage can carry liquids (same diameter as 2L bottle of cola)
    * Can be launched by rail and use parachute recovery
    * Can be fitted with front wheels for conventional landing in rough fields

    You can find out more here:

  • Hello wayne,
    I have a small knowledge in Airplane Aerodynamics but willing to improve it !!
    Could you please give some details or explanations about your comment ?

    Best regards, Jean-Claude
  • 100KM
    you have to render the fuse in polygon , the spline mode you are displaying is not included in the vortex lattice and is not calculated
  • No problem. Send it to and I will take a look.
  • Thank you indeed, if you have the time, I'll send you the file, let me know...

    Thank you
  • I need to check if I have XFLR5 on my laptop, but I probably would not get to it until this weekend at the earliest.
  • Will it help if I send you the XFLR5 file on this?

  • The numbers look correct to me at a first glance. I would have to do the analysis myself to verify, but everything looks reasonable.
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