OpenBee Modules Ready!!!

3689481953?profile=originalHi Guys,

Today OpenBee boards arrived from PCB factory and i just tested them and working fine :)

It is including Arduino 16Mhz ProMini bootloader and you can upload the code directly over Arduino with USB to Xbee Adapters. No need an external FTDI board or something.


We are producing OpenBee modules with U.FL socket. PCB also compatible with SMA connectors. 
OpenBee modules will be in stocks in 2-3 days on

Now i'm writing some codes for OpenBee hardware and need your help. If you want to develop something over OpenBee, please contact me. 

Google code page will be ready in few days:


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  • Hi, i work with this module but I can't communicate with this device and send message with other module. How configured correctly this device? Do I need any code in openlrs module?

    Thanks for any replies

    PD: I use this module with Arduino Mega 2560 and Arduino uno, mounting with xbee shield

    PD: Sorry for my bad english

  • Good news;
    OpenBee modules in stocks and price is $49.90 :D

    First products is 400-470Mhz. 915Mhz version on the way. But i'm suggesting lower frequency for higher range ;)

  • Hi Monroe,

    You will try it as soon as possible :)

  • Thank you guys.
    I guess everything will be clear about OpenBee in few days. I'm working on some different projects and they are stopping me. This is why i cant focus on only OpenBee, but i will.
    Thanks for understanding.

    About pricing: OpenBee using our OpenLRS Rx v2 board design and production cost is similar. I guess same price(59$) is the fair price for everyone.if we can find enough interest,  I hope the price will be under 50$ in few months.  

    Xbee's 100mW UHF modules 71$ and buffering and other xbee style things killing me.  I hope you will like OpenBee and write your own code.  

    PS: I will share a UHF spectrum analyzer code first. You can scan and find the free frequencies around :) 

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    I really want to sell these bad boys in Canada! someone help me dig the latest legislation over the  900Mhz band to see if I can legally import and sell these.  

  • If you want to see what's on the bottom, it's going to cost you.

    • maybe it,s possible Melih, since I work on the openlrs and know your product to do something here in Canada
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    Can you pleaaaaaase find a Canadian retailer for these so we can use them?

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    I agree with Sandro that the U.F.L connector is not that robust and requires a delicate touch when making and removing the physical connection. How do I know? I have several transreceivers that use the U.F.L connectors and you have to be very careful that you do not damage the connector during the alignment process.

    Just a thought.



  • Developer

    Congratulations for keep showing the innovative spirit as you guys used to do.

    Now I'm looking forward to see the price.

    "We are producing OpenBee modules with U.FL socket. PCB also compatible with SMA connectors.

    Great choice because anyone can solder a SMA. But you can't say the same to an U.FL... =)

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