OpenUPS - a neat power supply for RC projects!

I came across OpenUPS. It is a UPS for small embedded systems with DC input and output (6-24V, ). It can manage batteries (any chemistry, LIPO? Of course!). It also has software interface for configuring it and control (need to explore this).

But the downside is - it can provide upwards of 6V only. Which mean we still have to use some linear/switching regulator to get the usual 5V the a BEC traditionally was employed for.

Otherwise, looks like a good intelligent compact power management unit. Very useful, I suppose, when we want to build bigger things :)

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Comment by Dany Thivierge on October 7, 2012 at 9:03pm

This is more for a work bench than a copter/plane... may work in a rover...  It needs to be tested to see how much interference and frequency bleeding it has.  Again, way too big for onboard.  

This is the product of choice so far for clean and steady power, and it gives us 5.2 volts from any LiPo.


Really like it a lot! 

But it's not for the same purpose of course... I am still trying to figure out what we can do with your OpenUPS for anything onboard...  


Comment by Ryan Alexander Bahr on October 8, 2012 at 1:26am

As far as constant voltage, constant power supplies... One of my favorites has been this little thing off eBay. CC, CV driver

It's 7-35 in and 1.25-30V out up to 3 amps (15 watts reg, 25 with heatsink... Do the math for the current/voltage to not fry it).

I use it as a power supply for all my small projects, got two of them. Obviously if you need more power, its not the solution. They may sell larger ones, but for $3.25 ( I won that auction ) a single one of these is extremely useful. 

For any reason you need to power a non standard device off your Lipo batteries, this should do the trick. I wouldn't really recommend it for charging batteries though, the first battery I got going into the RC world was internally reversed at the factory and if it had not been for the Accucel's reverse polarity detection I can only assume the mess that would have occurred. I should have checked it myself to be honest, but I hadn't expected the pack of batteries I ordered that one of them would differ like that. 

Comment by John Cousins on October 8, 2012 at 4:12pm

This looks perfect for the Mugin! I have been looking for something that can manage an onboard battery charging system. I wonder if there's a direct serial interface so that battery condition and charging state can be monitored live via telemetry?


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