Ran across this today:


It's a dedicated video (PAL or NTSC) Arduino shield with passthrough capabilities. Nothing fancy, just a sync separator and some passive electronics. Obviously, it needs to be mated with an Arduino (additional one, alongside APM, of course), but it's plug and play and comes with a neatly put together library. Question is, can this + Arduino physically fit an average ArduCopter?

If so, it might be the ticket to beginner's quad computer vision experimentation (plus, you get an OSD generator extra ;) on the cheap ($50ish + camera).
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  • Hello Michael,

    Thanks for this news and the work done on this OSD + GPS.

    Quite late here in France but i will read in details your blog tomorrow

    I will give you my comments as i could be interested

    Best regards


  • I'm the maker of the VIdeo Experimenter, and after being contacted by numerous FPV enthusiasts, I did some OSD work with my GPS module.  I'm very interested in feedback about whether this might be useful to this community:  http://nootropicdesign.com/projectlab/2011/05/20/overlay-gps-on-video/
  • Wow, very cool!  I could see using something like this in a UGV for wildlife tracking.
  • Very nice! And a very reasonable price..
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