Here is a link to a report about an attempt to use UAVs to help emergency responders at Oso in Washington State.

At the recent National Hurricane Conference, the author, Dr. Murphy, presented "Robot-Assisted Search & Rescue and Emergency Informatics". Robert Anspaugh also attended, presenting "Unmanned Aircraft Systems Operations in Disaster Response". The conference has not published videos of those presentations.

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  • Sounds like an extremely well orchestrated attempt to assist, very well received and mediated by emergency crews on the ground, could definitely serve as a template for future attempts to assist.

    Too bad that it was sidelined at the last moment by public misconceptions and irrational fears.

    Possibly it can serve as an example for how we have to correctly portray the cost versus gain of this sort of enterprise to the public.

    If the public can be shown the actual perspective rather than inappropriately hyped media hysteria maybe we can start moving forward.

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