Ostrich Quadcopter

Some people may remember the "dead cat" copter from a Dutch artist one year ago (and not the conversion kit they sell at hobbyking). The artist thought it was a bit small and could not carry enough payload. To fix this important problem he build his second model the "Ostrich Quadcopter". From the video it looks like it can carry a few kilograms and maybe he plans to upgrade FPV into the head in the future ;)

Maybe taxidermy copters will be the next craze????? The "artist" is Bart Jansen (http://www.bartjansen.tv/)


This was his original "dead cat copter" project:



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  • It may have been a bit inappropriate as as Y6, as that would split the legs at the back :P

  • I kinda think the ostrich would have made a better Y6...

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