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For those of you who just can't enough amateur UAV info, here are some other communities worth adding to your reading list: --RC Groups UAV forum: This is the grandfather of UAV discussion forums and the second biggest after DIY Drones. --RC Universe UAV forum: Not as active as RC Groups, but still worth checking out from time to time --AttoPilot User Group: Gary Mortimer's Ning site for AttoPilot users. If you've got one, this is a must --Paparazzi User Group: Ditto --CropCam/MicroPilot User Group: Ditto --RunRyder UAV Helicopter forum: I know nothing about helis, so perhaps someone could comment on this one? Weirdly, AUVSI, the industry association, doesn't appear to have any active forums. If you know of others, please highlight them in the comments and I'll add them here.
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    Please add the CropCam / Micropilot users group. This group is a private group focused on the MicroPilot CropCam, agricultural and GIS issues. We ask that members be operators of a CC or at least a MicroPilot AP or have an interest in agricultural UAV usage.

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    The runryder forums are mostly about aerial photography.
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