Out door trial of HeX

hi, guys, the video of HeX's outdoor trial is coming, check it out

After several times of indoor trial, we finally was able to took HeX out when the sky was clear. Enjoy it guys.The landing gear clashes with the frame a little. It's a temporary choice.

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  • thanks for your comments guys. 

    Seems Scott is a fan of the Terminator. :p, me, too.

    We didn't knew the Distributed Flight Array before we were designing HeX. We also got to know there is a drone project similar to ours in the look in here months ago. And we were trying to reach those researchers working on DFA and got a reply in email from their leading researcher Raymond Oung who encouraged us by saying our plan is feasible. 

  • It looks like the Distributed Flight Array.http://www.idsc.ethz.ch/Research_DAndrea/DFA
    Inspired by this?
  • I really like the looks of that frame. Looks like something Skynet would send after the rebels.

  • Cool vid! Nice work

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