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  • And a couple of the Airborne Delivery Challenge teams during scrutineering:

  • A couple of pics from earlier today (Tuesday) at the OBC:

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    Heres the qualifying video they are running a tight ship this year.
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    They go at 0800 tomorrow and if they see him they win.
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    Robota is only one through I am just writing it all up!!
  • Don't count on it Gary. Day one is done and only five (or is it four?) teams in the running at this stage. Only one team appears to have passed scrutineering on the first attempt.
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    I was very surprised with some of the entries that didn't make it. I guess after this year the competition will have to change shape slightly as I am pretty sure he will be found more than once. Perhaps next time a collaboration event with comms relays and a much much bigger search area.
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    So you didn't stated it explicitly and that's it?
    Anyway, I have already posted on rcgroups another incoherence: if GPS is dead, there is an option to loiter for 30s and THEN to use dead reckoning home. Nobody says it could do dead reckoning straight away. As if they would want to make sure the dead reckoning is losing precision.

    I have one rule that would solve all problems:
    Each UAV event organiser must provide as a proof of comitee-worthiness an autopilot of his own making, of whatever quality.

    One thing Mark,
    It is mentioned in the rules that you can arrange Deliverable2 to be processed faster particularly if you are abroad. Did you rushed it or were relatively late?
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    Hi Krzysztof. Yes, they were rather harsh with us. It seems that they needed to cull the large number of entries in order to fit in with their time schedule and we were one of the unfortunate victims of this.
    It related to the actions to be taken in the event that both the GPS and telemetry is lost.
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    "Our team,Y-UAV.. were disqualified because we didn't clearly mention one technical point "
    Sounds like a punitive action. If they want to promote activity, they should try communicating first.
    What was the detail, if we can know in order to not repeat the error?
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