P9X design files in public domain

Now you can get all design files here:


There's now License claims in these files so do whatever you can with it.

3689691097?profile=originalThe V1.0 hardware has successfully proved its design, now we are building it even better.


New JST GH IO board is under testing.

3689691048?profile=originalWe even have customer who's building their own fully functional flight controllers by integrating the mainboard inside.

V1.1 hardware will be available in June 2016, with new features:

  • PX4 firmware compatible
  • optional JST GH IO board
  • optional CNC shell
  • New IMU configurations
  • bi-directional AUX port (support Lidar lite better)
  • anything you are not too late to ask

Thanks for reading this. hope people think they are offended in this thread have a better mood tomorrow, no offence.



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  • Is the one on GoodLuckBuy your controller or a copy?


  • @Tridgell Thanks for you comment
    RSSI as SBUS is supported in both V1.0 and V1.1. Unfortunately I don't have a uavcan ESC on hand. will px4 esc firmware run on it so i can have a test. maybe V1.2 will have optional dedicated IO board for can.

  • Developer

    @Jerry, thanks for releasing that!

    Does the 'RSSI' port also support being used as SBUS-output like a Pixhawk1 ? That is something I use a lot. Sorry for being lazy and not just reading the schematic.

    CAN is also something that I use a lot. I'm hoping it will become more popular in the community in future.

  • @Justin 3702239726?profile=originalsorry i will have to solder wire to fan CAN out in v1.1

  • @Rob it's a customized GH plug cable, you can see it in actin at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sn3qN1dMPPE&feature=youtu.be

    @Marc contact me by PM please.

    @Zhangpengsir, thanks zhangsir.

    @Rana Please use Altium Designer.

  • No canbus port?
  • Jerry, this is really great, what PCB design software you have used ?

  • Interesting.  good job !

  • Ditto. More info on the connectors. 

  • Where can we find this? Where will it be sold? I liked the first iteration you posted. Glad to see refinements being added.

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