Hi Guys I have for some time been developing this flying camera, I say camera as this is a departure from the norm. Whereas most people make a copter that just happens to have a camera mount this is different. The operator fly's the camera and the uav follows the envelope that is required to stay within the shooting angles selected. I am new to arduino so any help is what I need most. It has a number of other features such as the ability to land on water.

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  • Actually what I am moving towards is this, The throttle is the normal pressure activated height hold, when yaw is applied the inner axis of the camera mount starts to move. this produces a movement on the cameras LCD screen and the model tries to counter that movement thus following the desired camera angle track. The LCD has a camera chip like the one in your computer mouse that is trained on the center of the LCD image. This data is also used to augment the stabilization of the image within the inner axis system and also form the auto image tracker function. The elevator input controls the cameras pitch movement only and the aileron movement sends the model in a sideways motion, movement forwards is controlled by a manual slider or GPS command. This system enables the camera operator to concentrate on the image acquisition process while the copter follows where it is pointing. There are some complex camera moves that will be autonomously activated using GPS points plus algorithms to blend the circular or curved flight paths. I have quite some work to do yet but the model itself is a major break though in vibration free stabilized flight.
  • Interesting concept Denny. So when you say your flying the camera and the UAV follows, your camera angle stays constant while the UAV maintains some kind of balance? you should post a video I'd really like to see what you mean
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