PARACHUTE anyone ?

3689396321?profile=originalMaybe someone has encountered a small scale parachute ?

I'd like to add a safety parachute to the Arducopter !! help me decide....



As part of the project is to use an expensive DSLR on the copter,

My GF said i must have some kind of emergency parachute... after joking at it, i thought deeper -

I'd rather feel much safer having a parachute as backup to all electronics (even though i plan on 6 or 8 motors)


Just imagine an emergency button that will immediately turn off all motors and shoot a parachute.



as parachute takes some time to open (=some free fall height), the benefits are sure and obvious for a 100m fall.

but if i'm around 5m above ground, (which can still be nasty to the DSLR) - would i have enough "falling time" to open the parachute and having enough braking force ?


think i better make one by myself ? is it rather simple as cutting and connecting wires to a cloth,

or it is more complex design that i could hardly achieve and i better get a ready one ?


i came across this as the only parachute i could find:


It looks sturdy and well balanced & stuff... it's totally affordable !

they say the 40" version has 7KG resistance. i'm safe on this side, i dont want a much bigger one.


how about the opening technique ?

i could stuff it in a small plastic tube attached to the top of the dome, using a small solenoid or servo to kick it out...

how do i ensure it opens reliably ? i guess it depends on the folding inside the storage tube...

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  • Interesting.  They (hobbyking) offer some parachutes, but they are more for paragliders. (Strangely, they don't have any airframes built on paragliders, but I digress on that point.)  Looking at the forums on line, apparently when some people used them in an emergency, they ripped of their wings.  I will be interested in what you come up with.  I'm considering - eventually - building a ppc like uav, but we'll see.
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