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  • These FPV googles is just a holder for your Android phone ...

  • Does this have a belly camera bay?

    Could be interesting as a lower cost Ebee competitor.

  • Moderator

    Ardupilot for the win

  • Good to hear Tridge! What type of goggles come with it? Do they use a mobile phone? And lastly is the controller any good?

  • And a insane price point .

  • Developer

    I've been flying the Disco with ArduPilot for a few months now. It really is an amazing little plane. Despite weighing just 800g it handles a lot of wind (I flew it in an 18 knot wind recently with no problems) and handles really nicely. It is a very practical plane with great performance and long flight times.

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    I'd like to hear more about that belly camera bay...

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