Parrot Disco Teardown

After flying the Disco a bit too low at sea in a bit too gusty weather (to see if I could intercept it from a boat), it ended up on the water. This gave me the perfect excuse to take the seemingly dry and fully functional plane apart. Enjoy!





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  • nice work!O(∩_∩)O 

  • could you please weight the components? :)

    most interesting the center pod for the electronics

  • @John T: your right now i see some antenna connectors there. thx

  • Awesome! If possible can you please list the chips/sensors installed on the board. What do they use for the airspeed sensor. What about the main processor.

  • Those look like the Circular Polarized antennas.

  • Secret VTOL mode!

  • great to see, but what are those 2 round things that look like "turbines" to the left and the right?

  • Pitot tube does not have static pressure?
    I just see a hose that should be the dynamic pressure.

    can someone please confirm?

  • That will be great to fly again. but check sensors don't get it crashed due to water/salt residue. Looks like PCBA have water proof coating on it, as in bebop.

  • I'll see how far I can confidently take the pub stack apart. And oh, no, there is nothing dead here - will be flying soon again, possibly with some additional water proofing!

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