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I get the whole cheeky viral video thing, but this one from the Parrot AR.Drone team just seems obnoxious and irresponsible. Or am I just being over-sensitive?

Speaking of the AR.Drone, my production version just arrived. I'll add unboxing pictures in a few...[Update: here]

UPDATE: There's a second one, even worse. Now they're tormenting animals:

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  • assault on animals your kidding right??
  • Developer
    As adman I just need to say some words. Friends, creativity without intelligence is the same as a monkey driving a battle tank... a enormous potential without any objective. Who's the target of this campaign? Abhor this kind of approach. If there is any.
  • Moderator
    It does not fall outside of the Regs in the UK Ron, in fact it hits them square in the face, they might even cause issues for traditional RC modellers who will be tarred with the same brush if there are any big offs. That said its an expensive toy that won't work well in any wind. The first video is in breach of the air navigation order, in that they are flying close to people without their permission.
  • Moderator
    Well they have shown one of the key reasons for regulation here, paparazzi style imaging. Luckily mechanical failure and many peeps flying them outdoors in too much wind and straight into things will make them a short lived fad, but might drive people towards proper platforms.
  • Ok there is a disclaimer here...


    it should be part of the video though...at least we get the impression some consideration for safety went into these videos and they are "entertainment" not suggested uses. Still, doesn't show the real potential of the Parrots.
  • The problem is it is considered "a toy" means it falls outside most of the regulations re: RC vehicles. Now I think its a given these are setups so not too worried about harrassed golfers. The bull opens up all sorts of discussion on cruelty to animals. I bet the bull got some satisfaction out of destroying those Parrots. We will have to hope some "kids" with real RC helicopters or planes don't decide to copy this...that could lead to even worse PR for everyone. We've all seen the results of person vs RC helicopter rotor, it aint pretty. There should at very least be disclaimers on the videos. Don't try this at home.
  • True, but you don't see many commercials for toys involving questionably legal assault and animal cruelty. I'm not saying I agree that's what's happening in those videos, but I would have a hard time defending them from those who do.

    And it will soon be made into a UAV by someone *cough* Chris *cough* and will bring the possibly negative
    PR with it.
  • I think we are taking a RC helicopter toy too seriously (yeah i know its a quadrotor but your normal shopper will think its a helicopter). Does anyone actually consider this as much more? its not a UAV, its not autonomous. Its made of cheap foam and shoots virtual missiles against alien attackers. This classifies as toy in my book like a lot of RC things Brookstone sells. So i think we shouldnt forget that and shouldnt forget the market for this.
  • Personally, I think they are funny. But Chris is right, in a already shaky world where we are trying to fight for the general acceptance of unmanned / autonomous vehicles as safe, mature platforms this was a poor decision by Parrot.

    I'm cutting my teeth on a Naval Acquisition program now and learning first hand how hard it is to get an old dog to accept a new toy, no matter how many tricks it can do. The unmanned community, commercial or otherwise, doesn't need the negative PR.
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    Visa Priceless !

    I loved it !
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