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I get the whole cheeky viral video thing, but this one from the Parrot AR.Drone team just seems obnoxious and irresponsible. Or am I just being over-sensitive?

Speaking of the AR.Drone, my production version just arrived. I'll add unboxing pictures in a few...[Update: here]

UPDATE: There's a second one, even worse. Now they're tormenting animals:

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  • @Al--I didn't mean to go on the attack there, sorry.
  • Paul, I don't think it is poor judgment because I don't take it seriously. It's just a commercial.

    Feel free to whine to the parrot guys if you think they'll listen or take you seriously.
  • @ Al Billings "These are marketing, folks. Get over it."

    You don't give all advertising a pass just because it's done by marketing folks, as if poor judgement is to be expected and ignored. Marketers frequently make poor judgements, or the managers that go along with their poor suggestions, and they have to be called on it. First, it can be bad for the company itself, in which case, tough luck for them. However, as has already been noted in this thread, it can have broader impact. I'm guessing the marketing geniuses at AR Drones are already aware of this thread and will weigh the balance of increased sales vs. lost sales. If the RC community honestly thinks these ads will have a negative impact on our hobby, then we ought to be writing to DR Drones directly and respectfully request that they pull the ads for that reason.
  • @ Mr.drone

    There talking like "old women" as you say because THAT’S the kind of people you have to worry about. These videos could lead to some of the stupider kids who get these toys to cause major problems for the rest of us. I mean UAVs are just on the edge of what is legal in most countries and it wouldn't take a lot to push them over that edge and then no one will be having any fun. it could even lead to getting RC aircraft band as well because some old woman doesn't like it.

    sure these were kind of funny but you have to think the long trem impact here which could be eery bad for us.

    also don't think that just because a few countries enjoys treating bulls like this doesn’t mean someone from another country won't freak out and try to get these things (or anything like them) banded.
  • I think you are going to get a lot of worse things happening with it than what the video shows.
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    @Mr Drone. Actually, we were more worried about the "illegal" part. Not the animals, the dive-bombing of people. Not so much concerned about AR.Drone's marketing as the banning of our entire hobby. Serious stuff.
  • Side note: The one bull clearly has a number etched into the side of it... Let's complain about that maybe?
  • Animals? Animal cruelty? You guys are aware that these bulls are usually teased by humans, right? I think they are fun videos. Kudos to Parrot for being edgy and hip. You all sound a little bit like old women complaining about their husbands. Immature? No kidding, it's a toy. Get real people.
  • People need to not take themselves so seriously. These are marketing, folks. Get over it.
  • Everybody knows that its just the finest of people that likes to torment animals!
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