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Below are the rest of the parts:



8 x RC Timer Carbon Fiber CW Props (10.5X4.5)

8 x RC Timer Carbon Fiber CCW Props (10.5X4.5)


2 x Plastic CW Props (10.5X4.5) - Greeny

2 x Plastic CCW Props (10.5X4.5) -Red

*********************************Various Connectors and Radio*********************************


Deans Connecters

10# power cable

3.5mm Bullet Connectors

Spectrum AR8000 Radio (The radio took from my bottom drawer)

*********************************My Radio Transmitter*********************************

3689590916?profile=originalSpectrum DX8 <= I have had this radio for quite some time - love it to bits. 

*********************************The Build*********************************

It's now 3:10 am so I need to get a bit of sleep ... I will start with the build a bit later today after I have had some sleep. 

I will post some more pictures of how the build progress over the next couple of days. 

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  • Hi Guys 

    I have a question 

    I managed to get the buzzer working when I arm and disarm my quadcopter but for some reason I cant get the "battery low" to work.


    I have tried the LED_Mode set to 11 as well as 170 as suggested in some previous posts but nothing seems to work. Is there something else I need to set for this to work?

    Kind regards 

  • Hi Johann,

    The last few code releases, by default, makes the props spinning slowly, once armed.

    So you have a very good indication of the arm/disarm state !

  • Thank you very much J-L 

    Guys I was wondering.... I have read a lot of posts with guys getting hurt with the quads... although be it with some fault of their own. I read a post over the weekend where a guy had his radio on a strap around his neck and walked over to the quad to change a battery. As he bent over, the throttle got knocked upwards and the craft took of and his hand got cut on the blades. He admits that he thought he did disarm the craft but he apparently didn't.  

    Now on the normal collective pitch heli's there is a function called "throttle hold" that is enabled on a switch. I taught myself that when I landed my heli, that was the first switch I flipped to ensure that even if I bump the throttle, the motor will not start spinning. 

    So my question is, is the arm/disarm function there for that reason or is it possible to program a "throttle hold" function on the APM to serve as an additional safeguard. 

    Just as an update om my build, I have managed to get the buzzer working properly but the battery low beep does not work yet. I know what the problem there is , so that's an easy fix. 

    The next steps is to do some tweaking, so I'm working through the FAQ section. 

    1. My nose keeps tilting ever so slightly to the left when is hovers so I have to constantly correct it.

    2. The quad drifts to the left slightly when hovering so I have to constantly supply right stick to bring it back

    3. There is some kind of "wobble" when it hovers... its difficult to pinpoint what exactly is causing this since it happens , then goes away and then comes back again. 

    When I've got a bit of time later this week, I'll play around with a couple of settings and apply a couple of things I have read in the FAQ section. If I have any more trouble I'l be sure to call on you guys again. 

    I have found that my batteries are a bit on the light side, so I'll need to upgrade to something more beefy. I'll only be able to do this at the end of the month though since money is a bit tight at present. 

    Have a great week and keep safe. 

  • Developer

    Here the buzzer connection pinout:



  • I sorted the channel 7 and 8 issues out. I replaced two of my servo leads and it worked. I test both the old leads on my multimeter and both had intermittent connections on one of the leads. 

    Does anyone know how to configure the buzzer that comes with the vibration dampening kit. I found a tutorial that says the following:

    "The Buzzer should be installed well away from the Magnetometer because the Buzzer speaker is Magnetic, it must be mounted securely so it does NOT MOVE after performing Compass Calibration or compassmot.

    The Buzzer connects to APM 2.5 A5 header black lead connects to A5 GND and the red lead connects to A5 Signal

    The Buzzer also signals low lipo voltage alarm when the Current and Voltage sensor is installed, when using ArduCopter versions prior to 3.1 the low lipo alarm would sound continuously when connected via USB with no Lipo connected, ArduCopter 3.1-rc1 and later versions fixed that ANNOYING issue."

    I did this but for some reason the buzzer starts beeping when the arm light blinks. When I arm the craft, the buzzer goes on which will mean the buzzer is sounding the entire time when the craft flies. 

  • Hi J-L 

    I'm using one plug per channel from the RX to the APM so its parallel. 

  • Developer

    Hello Johann,

    In my GitHub about the PX4 Arducopter tuto, you will find a good sample about the use of a Serial PPM encoder.

    Look at:





    Vertical Take Off and Landing drone experimental research and development area - jlnaudin/x-VTOLdrone
  • Developer

    Hello Johann,

    May be this tuto will help you:

    Serial PPM: using a PPM encoder, there is only one plug connected to APM, all the PPM channel are serialized through this plug. This is used on the PX4 and also on the PixHawk. For 8 channel there is only one plug.

    Parallel PPM: this is the common way, for each channel there is one RC plug from the receiver to the APM ppm input. So, for 8 PPM channels you need to use 8 wires connected to the APM.

    More info about the PPM encoder at:

    I hope this will help you,



  • Hi J-L 

    I'm not sure what I'm using. Sorry for the silly question, but how would i know?

    Kind regards 

  • Developer

    Hello Johann,

    Are you using a serial PPM board or the common parallel PPM inputs ?

    In the case of serial PPM, this can be explained by an older version of the PPM serializer firmware which need to be updated to handle 8 channels.

    Best Regards,


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