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  • even for past photo/video of sports is very useful.

  • Why does the guy in the video sound like Randy.  Maybe learning how to pop a balloon for spark fun is going to pay off.

  • Anyone got any thoughts on the 2.5GHz band and potential conflicts with the 2.4 RC controllers?

  • I know that there should be two seperate systems - one for the autopilot and one as a single board computer for things like relying serial data through 3/4G and/or streaming video.

  • Developer

    The pixhawk 1/2 does not have enough computing power for this, and from a safety viewpoint it's the wrong place for higher order computations. But the new companion computer in the Solo would be a perfect candidate for this type of functionality.

  • Useful but it's just computer vision. It shouldn't be a seperate product but something inbuilt in pixhawk 2

  • That's pretty cool

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