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Another day, another Pixhawk/IRIS+ compatible crowdfunding project! Meet Percepto, now live on Indiegogo:

Our mission is to create a valuable open-source ecosystem, not just a product, to harness the power of a strong developer community for the future of drone innovation.

20150311070334-bullet.png?1426082614 Building community - Help us bring Percepto out of the lab
20150311070334-bullet.png?1426082614 The more demand for Percepto now, the cheaper we can manufacture them
20150311070334-bullet.png?1426082614 Be one of the 1st Percepto owners
20150311070334-bullet.png?1426082614 Save significantly during the campaign and after (with enough backers we can lower the market price).

20150311071526-items_06.png?1426083326  What's In The Box?  

Percepto is a tiny black box ​that consists of a Tegra K1 based processing unit and a camera which easily connects to almost any drone, enabling users to create, upload and use existing apps from one centralized place, known as the Percepto Marketplace.


20150311072445-items_14.png?1426083885Included Software

Percepto App Marketplace 

Percepto App Marketplace is meant to be the 1st marketplace designated for drone apps. Percepto's open source platform allows drone owners to reuse and share software driving down the cost of of developing new drone capabilities.




20150311073058-items_22.png?1426084258   What's Unique?


20150312073437-plug.png?1426170877    Plug N Play Percepto





20150312022529-puzzle.png?1426152329  Compatibility


Technical Specifications


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  • 3 months since the last update and not a single bit of info. Chris Anderson do you have any info from the industry? Is this the worst result for a drone crowd funding campaign?

    Reading the comments on the campaign page, there are a lot of pissed off backers. Some are even investigating legal action.

    Very dissapointing..
  • Developer

    Anyone had success in using Percepto either for development or using an actual app ?

  • Another week and a half and still no updates or replies to emails. Im writing this off as lesson in being careful with crowd funding campaigns.
  • Just the lack of updates is disappointing compared to other crowd funded campaigns.

  • Jason - they are not due to ship until October so it is too soon to panic.

  • Anyone heard any updates on ths project? Have had no updates and emails have not been replied too. Worried my contribution has gone down the drain.

  • Really neat! Question regarding the Nvidia board..I have the Jetson TK1 and on their website they have the gerber files but not the raw schematic and layout files they built with Allegro(which is what I'm after). I wanted to make my own board with some modifications to the TK1. Did you guys build it from scratch or did you start with Jetson and work your way down? 

  • Congrats on making your goal!

  • Nearly there guys! I can't wait to get this, looks like a cool bit of gear. 

  • @Raviv, ok, looking good :-) So which are the base sensors that Percepto needs to rely on ? Accelerometers and gyros, but does Percepto also need other sensors such as compas, barometer and GPS or would these be optional only ? If you don't have GPS and baro for instance, which are potential functions that would not work or not be available from a Percepto's perspective ?

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