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Another day, another Pixhawk/IRIS+ compatible crowdfunding project! Meet Percepto, now live on Indiegogo:

Our mission is to create a valuable open-source ecosystem, not just a product, to harness the power of a strong developer community for the future of drone innovation.

20150311070334-bullet.png?1426082614 Building community - Help us bring Percepto out of the lab
20150311070334-bullet.png?1426082614 The more demand for Percepto now, the cheaper we can manufacture them
20150311070334-bullet.png?1426082614 Be one of the 1st Percepto owners
20150311070334-bullet.png?1426082614 Save significantly during the campaign and after (with enough backers we can lower the market price).

20150311071526-items_06.png?1426083326  What's In The Box?  

Percepto is a tiny black box ​that consists of a Tegra K1 based processing unit and a camera which easily connects to almost any drone, enabling users to create, upload and use existing apps from one centralized place, known as the Percepto Marketplace.


20150311072445-items_14.png?1426083885Included Software

Percepto App Marketplace 

Percepto App Marketplace is meant to be the 1st marketplace designated for drone apps. Percepto's open source platform allows drone owners to reuse and share software driving down the cost of of developing new drone capabilities.




20150311073058-items_22.png?1426084258   What's Unique?


20150312073437-plug.png?1426170877    Plug N Play Percepto





20150312022529-puzzle.png?1426152329  Compatibility


Technical Specifications


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  • choices, choices.. 

    while the processor for this is the K1(2014) and its an excellent processor.. the tegra X1(2015) is an octocore and gives you 256 cores.. and quite a bit more performance and is already being targeted at car automation etc..

        the tegra K1 Jetson dev board was released last summer for about 192.00.. for price point comparisons no companion camera no flight adaptation etc..

    and its seems that the K1 supports opencl which gets you to all that openCV loveliness..

    hmm when can you ship??? how much does it weigh(IRIS + is overweight with a gimbal and gopro..)

         parallela 16 core starting to lose its shine in comparison... although really wish they would consider the X1 vs K1


  • Used to make jokes in 1999 about selling a bag of silicon around which a community of open source developers would form to build millions of dollars of software around it.

  • @Ravi, So you will provide hardware, SDK and application platform by using Tegra K1. It is not clear the detail of application on your platform. The reason to asking is that Tegra K1 may have outstanding performance for image processing but I do not know how to use.

  • Have you already started developing something similar to the eBumper setup that we saw on DIYDrones recently?  Instead of 6 sonar units, 6 cameras, for the purpose of collision avoidance with better definition and range.  Maybe each sideways looking camera needs to be 2 cameras (a total of 10 cameras then, including one up and one down) to better 'see' the range of objects moving against the background.  It sounds like this system is perfectly capable.

  • @Chris, Thank you so much!!! This community as well as some of your books were a true inspiration for us in the creation process of Percepto. So your support is special for us and we really appreciate it.

    @Robin we share your enthusiasm! 

    @Randy, MAVLink integration is already operational. As you might remember from my occasional questions, our development platforms are mostly based on the PIXHAWK flight controller and only mature features are being adjusted for other flight controllers. In your case, we are really excited to see what you can achieve with a Percepto.

  • Developer

    Looks really really good.  They had me at NVIDIA Tegra.

    I'm definitely getting one.  I hope we can get a MAVLink interface added so the integration with copter and plane can be tight.

  • This is to the most amazing thing happened to drones, since drones.

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