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The FAA has issued three new Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFRs) creating restrictions for the airspace surrounding major sporting events and the Disney properties in Anaheim, CA and Kissimmee/Orlando, FL. The new flight restrictions permanently prohibit the operation of radio control model aircraft at any time within 3 nm (3.5 statute miles) of both the Disneyland and Disney World theme parks, and for a period of 1 hr before and 1 hr after major sporting events.

Full article here: FAA TFR

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  • @Gary, unofficially, we didn't request it to my knowledge, but we've had numerous guest issues and drones already on site. It's worrying my safety, security and risk teams big time at all parks. Considering I'm proposing autonomous shows/tech puts me at odds as faa's rules are heading toward piloted/assisted scenarios.

    @acorn no relation to the 7 dwarfs coaster incident (funny, was there at the time and was told of the new notams earlier in the week).
  • There really is no good reason for this ban other than drones I hope everyone see it. Private planes and helicopters are no threat to the broadcast community.

  • You can get a waiver for anything with the FAA for the right reason Gary.

  • Do you suppose this has anything to do with the recent fireworks fire that happened at Orlando? Or would this have already had to be in the works?

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    You can't get a waiver for this unless you are part of authorised coverage. You then can't get one for an RPAS because of course commercial use is not recognised by the FAA. Catch 22. There is movement on the NPRM front BTW Tables and chairs are being arranged.

  • All you need is a waiver and they don't cost anything. I imagine news helicopters, police and emergency medical can get standing waivers. But they wont issue them to just anyone.

    That's all FAA related. If you've never needed a waiver then of course you wouldn't know.

  • So is the Blimp banned from sports events? Oh wait... Corporate money will get around that TFR.
  • T3

    Check out what Douglas DalSoglio, NORAD Operations Division analyst, said about TFRs in 2010. Very poignant. 

    [H]e said he wants to see more advanced notice on TFRs and a more "realistic application" of them, using them when necessary and not as a "status symbol" for events. Having TFRs for the sake of having them, he said, isn't security.
    "If there is a security threat then the assets need to be positioned to defend against those threats," he said. "A TFR without that defense is, in essence, useless. All we're doing is keeping the honest people out, separating compliance from noncompliance.


    In addition, there are already routes for punishment of bad behavior; reckless endangerment, etc. If your flight is does not recklessly endanger people, who cares if you fly a rubber band balsa airplane 3.5 miles away in your back yard.

    In addition to bending to broadcasters, I think the FAA wants to make sure that if someone does something dangerous in their eyes, at least ONE charge will stick (unlike Trappy). Obviously their lawyers determined that sufficient case law exists to likely convince a judge that a TFR has jurisdiction over ALL aircraft.

  • Just the beginning. Drones are so connected I imagine at some point the no fly zones and times will be built into the software. The drone wont fly without an updated no fly list.

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    I also made a quick map of all the affected sites, its rough, it does not have all the polygons named but I think they are in the right place. I started out just seeing how SFC would be affected and then thought might as well do them all. The stadiums make the most and the speedways are all named as I had an interest in those having visited several of them playing Forza on the Box of the X with my sons. (I need as much intel as I can get to be able to beat them) 

    The biggest problem with this TFR is that many of the games are not automatically mentioned by the FAA when it posts TFRs so you might check online sources and not see anything but the TFR are in operation. Half a mile I would have thought would have been more than enough. Flight over crowds should not be encouraged.

    Here's the rough-a-matic map 

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