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Phenox FPGA-based microquad runs Linux

3689593793?profile=originalFrom Hackaday:

The computing power inside a quadcopter is enough to read a few gyros and accelerometers, do some math, and figure out how much power to send to the motors. What if a quadcopter had immensely more computing power, and enough peripherals to do something cool? That’s what Phenox has done with a micro quad that is able to run Linux.

Phenox looks like any other micro quad, but under the hood things get a lot more interesting. Instead of the usual microcontroller-based control system, the Phenox features a ZINQ-7000 System on Chip, featuring an ARM core with an FPGA and a little bit of DDR3 memory. This allows the quad to run Linux, made even more interesting by the addition of two cameras (one forward facing, one down facing), a microphone, an IMU, and a range sensor. Basically, if you want a robotic pet that can hover, you wouldn’t do bad by starting with a Phenox.

The folks behind Phenox are putting up a Kickstarter tomorrow. No word on how much a base Phenox will run you, but it’ll probably be a little bit more than the cheap quads you can pick up from the usual Chinese retailers.

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  • The zynq chip has an arm processor that runs the OS and the fpga fabric can be used for openCV and such. Exiting times, this could perhaps be used as a basis for a parallella-based flight controller!

  • $750 is the news... considering the old Kestrel/Procerus used an FPGA and was in the thousands (and still is under LoMa).

    Debian has a RT patch to xeonmai, I have one for Angstrom, hence being Ubuntu (high level debian): I doubt it--hence the FPGA.

  • kickstarter page

    Phenox: intelligent, interactive and programmable drone
    Phenox is an intelligent, interactive and programmable drone. Not just a flying robot, but a platform for "Flying Apps" for everyone.
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    Phenox Lab beat you to it in a previous blog post: Link


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  • Does anybody know if it runs a real time patched kernel?
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