PhotoHigher H4 Quad

New PhotoHigher H4 UAS frame


The weather over the weekend was pretty shody in Auckland so i put the time in to finish a new build using the brand new Photohiger H4 UAS frame with custom, motors and props, she flies awesome sounds like a swarm of mosquito.

Some pics






Origionaly designed to use a Naza M, but this one is sporting a APM 2.5 and has since had the GPS added, I will be adding the FPV gear soon and take it thru its paces....

Video to Follow.

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  • Some Raw Video from this weekend it was quite windy

  • I managed to get out flying on Saturday morning. Sunday was horrendous. Oh yeah, nice quad :)

  • @Ricardo it is intended to be a FPV based so gopro level is need for attitude judgement.....the 2.4ghz receiver works 100% inside, for longer range fpv i would personally drill 2 small holes and mount theo antenna externally.

    the battery sits inside and does not even get warm after 10 min of aggressive "acro" flying. GPS cover what would you have in mind?

    $John owing to the shape of the arms the links between front and back motors are needed else they would be to flexible 

    there may be a Hexa on the cards with a small BLgimbal for goppro 

  • Very nice but why do you need structure between the front right and rear right motor as for the left side as well? Seems redundant
  • Very nice!

    This fits into one of seven the construction methods I have identified for multirotors.

    Build on!


  • that´s an awesome frame! but i believe it´ll have some problems.

    i would advise you to give the GoPro the "tilt" degree of freedom, or at least point it 30 degrees looking down. also, maybe a kevlar or fiberglass side arm could be used for a rc-friendly place to mount the 2.4ghz receiver. a cover for the gps would make it nice too. and maybe some ventilation for the baterry. i know dji´s phantom got a closed lid, and maybe that´s ok, but i really like my lipos to get some wind while in action.

  • oh!!! ok then! :D I would love to try one of those! :D

  • john, the gps mounts on the back little gps post eithr APM or Naza.

    the final version will olso have a place for a VTX


  • Hi Theo!

    Good looking frame you got there! ;) Have you tested the GPS reception inside that carbon fiber body? Ithink you might have a little problem there...

  • looking at their other products its going to be WAY out of my budget !

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