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    Our test Skyline has arrived in Australia, just in time for our interview with the press this week.

  • See Hoverfly also has a stabilizer now

  • Multiwii does have a stand-alone gimbal mode...

  • Something bad happened with photocamera LCD...

  • couldn't find any indication on pricing.. and my picloc order @ kopterworx is delayed by one more month (headbang)

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    @Paul.  Yes it does :-)  But I'm sure the ArduIMU stabiliser would be useful for those looking for a cheaper opensource product.

  • Nice! Just got my av200 last week and this will make a nice addition to the hexa. I guess that solves your problem regards your last thread to find a stabilizer hey hai?
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    LoL the did say that they were going to fly it on an unstable platform to give the stabiliser a good test.  I guess at some stage that unstable system got introduced to the earth.

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    Nice!. BTW, the viewfinder also shows an evidence of a crash :-). Timestamp - 0:17

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