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  • The FLIR has come down in price a lot since then, since the new photon has come out

  • 2 thumbs up..., great setup!

    Just curious, where did you set your CG on your Skywalker?


  • This project makes you think about "pork" in a whole new light, doesn't it?

  • Mhh.. I think I have not such a large number of pigs that this would become cost-effective :)

  • Moderator

    About US$ 4500.

  • Has anyone knowledge about the price of a FLIR Tau320 ?

  • The daylight aerial damage survey flights alone make the project a success (gives shooters a good idea where piggy traffic comes from, and where to set up).  The addition of the FLIR & night flying is the icing on the cake!


    Thanks for linking to this, Hooks!

  • @Yves by the second youtube video title I would guess they are using a FLIR Tau320:

  • T3

    @Yves in the article they say it is a Flir Tau 340, I think that with a bit of tweaking they could get much better quality from the camera. The problem is that it has a fixed focus and the "thermal gains" (level and span) could be adjusted.

  • Hi, What is IR camera do you use? or is it a transformation of a black and white?

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