Pivotwing VTOL airframe update


Hey everyone, I think we all can agree it has been an eventful year.  It has been almost a year since I posted a concept I was working on here, and some of you were kind enough to let me know what you thought.  I have continued tinkering with this idea, and was hoping I could get another round of comments and criticism from anyone who has a minute to spare.  If you have any insights on this I really would like to hear them, even if they are less than optimistic...




There is a little more info about this concept here: Pivotwing.com

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  • when the unity of blades spinning, you never get a ground (of fulcrum)  to do the torsion, newtons law 1

  • Thanks everyone for your feedback, I really do appreciate it.  I do share your concerns with transitioning.

    What do you guys think of this simple flying wing version?  Would you anticipate any issues with transitioning?

    Basically, from a hover, the wings would pitch progressively downward until they were both pointed straight down, then they would pitch up together.  The process is reversed to transition back to rotary.

    3702308546?profile=originalAnd finally, please let me know what you think about the concept as a rotary flight only aircraft, eliminating any transitioning concerns.  It could be anything from a conventional helicopter, to a simple monocopter like below.


    Thank YOU!!!

  • you dont have to rotate the surface to get foil shape, you can do foil shape morphing on-the-fly

  • over complex and not proved structrue/weight ratio for propelling rotor

    maybe use ducted tunnel will be better. 

  • Moderator

    I disagree it might well be made to work but..... the transition would be slow and clumsy thus wiping out any advantage. This is the best fudge to date

    Its what TuDelft just copied for the Outback

  • it will not work. uncontrolled stall is the result. beautiful pictures but not airworthy.

    gyros and software not help

  • I think Rainer K. might be right about the transition. If the transition happens before the vertical velocity gets too high it might be possible, but the transition should be fairly quick.

  • @Tom Whispercraft.... but a lot uglier! ;-)

  • aerodynamics of the transition almost impossible

  • good idea

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