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just wanted to share this quick video demo we shot yesterday that shows how easy it is to use GlobalARC to stream live flight video to our online portal.  

What is GlobalARC?

GlobalARC is a cloud based platform that allows real-time data and video link with autonomous robots anywhere in the world. It is also a great management tool for any UAV operation where you can keep track of your vehicles, accessories and personnel. Feel free to check it out at www.globalarc.us.

How does it work?

Our platform connects directly to your autopilot and puts it "on the grid". You can then access it online when you log-in anywhere in the world. It let's you plan missions, deploy drones and watch live video feed online. There is a small wireless device involved that acts as a bridge between the drone and the platform. Here is a demo video with our XL Pro using GlobalARC to stream video online.

The future of this technology

Future potential of GlobalARC technology is enormous, as it will enable completely autonomous UAV operations from unlimited distance with a command center in the cloud. Companies will be able to deploy and manage self-charging, autonomous drones anywhere on the planet and receive live video and real-time data. Imagine completely autonomous drones in agriculture, search and rescue or inspection industries that can be routinely deployed from company offices half a world away to provide crucial data on regular bases.


What you need to use it with the Pixhawk

There are two ways you can connect the GlobarARC device to your autopilot - a usb cable or Bluetooth. We favor Bluetooth connection because it's impervious to vibration, however you do need to add a small BT connection board and plug it in the telemetry port.

Please let us know if you'd like to try this with your APM or Pixhawk! In the meantime we are going to be working on adding more autopilots to the mix. Right now we also support Naze32 and MultiWii.

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