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Here is a sample from an "info-graphic" that we are currently working on for the new Pixhawk flight controller.

Knowing how daunting it is to gather enough info on a new flight controller (to be able to get into the air) I want this graphic to give a clear overview of the main components in a typical "quadcopter" system, from the Battery Warning Indicator to Telemetry connections. The purpose is to clearly show how all the components work together and to illustrate and name all of the connectors and plugs necessary.

To that end, I would like to know what specific components you would like to see included in the info-graphic, so please share your ideas! Also please feel free to use any of the Graphic for your own purposes.

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  • Thank you for the kind words! I use Paint.net which is free and highly recommended. I use plenty of layers and the grading tool a lot! I start with a photo and trace it out, then color and grade in successive layers...

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  • Hi Jethro, your graphics are just awesome. I would love to know how you build them. Did you generate from sketchup or simular?
  • The graphic is 70% finished and survived an epic windows 7 meltdown :) . I am going to need advice on hosting the very large PNG image (2000x2000px) here on DIY drones.

    Here is a preview, please ignore the very rough wiring, that is just for my reference!


  • Any updates on the info-graphic?

  • ooohh eye candy, nice work

    wiki page for Pixhawk Wiring, you guys are killing me!

    send it already

  • Looks great, Jethro! Well done.

  • Thank you for the kind words Gary, what you guys have done with the wiki has been really impressive! I hope to finish the completed graphic soon, but it is a big one! :) I will contact you to see if there is anything I can help out with!

  • Documentation? I just use the Force...:)

  • Moderator

    Very nice 

  • Hi Jethro, nice to see some of your excellent graphics again,that is one very high quality graphic.

    I am Currently putting together the wiki page for Pixhawk Wiring and Quick Start and will use this.

    I am looking forward to seeing your complete info graphic and will likely incorporate that into the wiki as well if that is OK with you.

    Or you can do so yourself as you are already an editor.

    Probably should be a common-page in the Mission Planner directory.

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