Pixhawk is Ready for Takeoff

3689562888?profile=originalAfter months of rigorous testing, we are pleased to announce that our Pixhawk autopilot is now in production and ready to ship.

Designed by the PX4 open-hardware project and manufactured by 3D Robotics, Pixhawk delivers industry-leading performance and flexibility for controlling any autonomous vehicle.

Our new Pixhawk represents a significant improvement over our standard APMs, offering enhanced reliability, robust power, a broad range of USB power options and a second sensor port – for a dual IMU system. The second sensor chip not only provides redundancy, but enables the combination of different sensor inputs.

This release follows months of beta-testing by the IRIS-Developer community.  Based on their feedback, we improved the noise immunity of the power supplies and added the MPU 6000 to supplement the LSM303D accelerometer.

We are grateful to the community for their valuable feedback.

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    When will international pre-orders start shipping?

  • Hmmm.. Did I make a mistake just getting that holiday deal for APM?(was just a few days ago)

    Im entering the UAV industry from scratch so thought that would be good learning device before PIXHAWK.Im going ti use it with a Bixler2 from HK. (to get a bit of DIY know how putting them both together).

    I plan to get the 3dr RTF X8 coptor with pix hawk installed once they are ready. If wanting to upgrade the APM later is it simply a case of switching to the PIXHAWK or are there additional components needed also?



  • @ Bryan Galusha

    Could you, or anyone, please expand on your above comment, "Is the software as reliable as the 2.6 right now, no definitely not, but it shouldn't be expected to." As an end user flying a medium-heavy Hex with a lot of expensive stuff on board I'm extremely concerned about reliability. It's been a long road for me, a couple of years worth, and it's really only because of the help of my local friend e-genius flying pal Gary M., that I'm finally flying this thing without totally sweaty palms. So, are we end users in for another big round of what amounts to beta-testing with exciting surprises? I know some of that sort of thing is inevitable, but ...

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    We all know the APM has run out of steam, it works great for day to day tasks and will keep doing so for years. You can't add modern features to older hardware. Come on people we are tech folks here we know that right?

  • @Russkel Oh, LOL, that's why I thought it was $200. :-)

  • Also, what tablets are you guys talking about that are so cheap? Most I see are $300+.

  • So, from Jason's above comment " APM 2.6 will still be available for a while" and from Sue's use of  of the term "legacy" are we to assume that refinement of APM firmware etc. is going to end soon? So in other words PixHawk is in essence going to replace APM, not just run parallel to it? I ask because I have a whole lot of time invested in my APMs, which is fine and I learned a lot blah blah blah, but I sure don't want to spend more time on them if development and support is going away.

  • It is a $200 unit. Remove the additional components from your order on the product page.

  • Congratulations to the team. I got my Iris in September, and I have had fun testing it, reporting issues, etc. The people refining Pixhawk to the point it's at right now have worked their tails off for the past two months to make it happen. I'm flying what I suppose is the "previous generation" Pixhawk, with only the LSM303D. It's very solid at this point, as of the past couple of firmware updates.

    I'm frankly a little surprised at the price, I had it in my head that this was going to be a $200 item. I think I may have seen the PX4 priced at $200 and assumed Pixhawk would be the same. Also, like @Neuro, I'm accustomed to getting high-end Android devices for not much money. Scale is a factor here. Pixhawk won't sell in the same numbers as an Android tablet. 

    In any case, I don't consider it overpriced. It's currently running the same code as APM, but I wouldn't count on it being that way for long.

  • Are you going to offer the Pixhawk as an option with the Y6, instead of the APM?

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