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Pixhawk Mini now just $139



Last year, we introduced the Pixhawk Mini, a small, efficient autopilot designed in collaboration with HobbyKing specifically for the Dronecode PX4 1.6 stack. It’s been put to work on a variety of projects, and many of you use it to build DIY quads, planes, rovers, and more. It also now supported by the ArduPilot/APM code, too.

Today, we’re excited to share that the Pixhawk Mini is now available for just $139, which is 30% less than its original $199 price point.

The Pixhawk Mini is 60% smaller than the original Pixhawk, and has improved sensors and an included GPS module. It's the smallest autopilot you can buy, while still rivaling its big brothers in power. Since its original release earlier this year, the digital airspeed sensor has also been upgraded to give more reliable readings.

Designed specifically for the pro-grade Dronecode PX4 software, Pixhawk Mini has an integrated four-motor power distribution board and power supply module, which enables efficient installations with small quadcopters. But you can also use it with fixed-wing vehicles and rovers with the included 8-channel RC-out board. 


To see more features, technical specs, and to buy online, check out the Pixhawk Mini on Amazon.

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  • Hello, 

    Is "unreliable MPU9250 IMU" issue fixed? Are the new batches works normal or all of the units have the same problem?

  • Amazon servers are slow this morning, but this just made my Cyber Monday complete, Thanks Chris.

  • 3D Robotics

    Price is back to $139. The temporary revert was an Amazon glitch, I think. 

  • Good thing I snagged one :). I can report back on how it handles. 

  • Sale appears to be over.

  • Hey Chris

    I'm interested in fixing one of my early projects an APM powered flamewheel 450 by adding the pixhawk mini. I just had a few questions.

    -I currently have an APM power supply which is in good shape. I was wondering if these units are compatible with the Pixhawk mini. I figure I would need a JST to DF13 connector.

    -I understand the legacy telemetry (which I have) would also require a JST to DF13 connector if I'm not mistaken.

    -I know the kit includes one of these connectors, where could I find another without having to buy another pixhawk mini wiring kit?

This reply was deleted.