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Just as other 3DR products appeared as copies in all kinds of web stores, now also the Pixhawk starts to show up in the same stores. The one pictured above is available from DealExtreme for US$ 126 including worldwide shipping (US$ 280 in 3DR store)

Advanced 32 bit ARM Cortex® M4 processor running NuttX RTOS;
14 PWM/servo outputs
Abundant connectivity options for additional peripherals (UART, I2C, CAN)
Integrated backup system for in-flight recovery and manual override with dedicated processor and stand-alone power supply
Backup system integrates mixing, providing consistent autopilot and manual override mixing modes
Redundant power supply inputs and automatic failover
External safety button for easy motor activation
Multicolor LED indicator
High-power, multi-tone piezo audio indicator
Micro SD card for long-time high-rate logging
Hardware Parameters: Processor: 32 bit STM32F427 Cortex M4 core with FPU
168 MHz / 256KB RAM/2 MB Flash
32 bit STM32F103 failsafe co-processor Sensors: ST Micro L3GD20H 16 bit gyroscope
ST Micro LSM303D 14 bit accelerometer / magnetometer
MPU6000 6-Axis Accelebrator/magnetometer
MEAS MS5611 barometer Interfaces: 5 x UART (serial ports), one high-power capable, 2 x with HW flow control, 2 x CAN
Spektrum DSM / DSM2 / DSM-X® Satellite compatible input
Futaba S.BUS® compatible input and output
PPM sum signal
RSSI (PWM or voltage) input
3.3 and 6.6V ADC inputs
External microUSB port

Specifications seem pretty much the same, so I guess they are comparable. According to the product page it comes with the board and a shell. No mentioning of cables (that seem to be included in the box of the Pixhawk from 3RD). At moment of writing no accessories seem to be available.

Also no mentioning of 3DR on the product page.

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  • or complete... http://www.sdshobby.com/pixhawk-pix-pxi-px4-openhardware-autopilot-...

    did not tried it... just saw it on the net...

  • i've had apm boards from rctimer and HK die. never again am i buying clones

  • Well considering we have been waiting for over two months for a couple of pixhawks from 3dr we would of been far better off waiting for the so called slow boat from china. Basically has ruined our chance of getting Dev 3 done for the outback challenge. 

  • "Specifications seem pretty much the same"

    An understatement. I just looked at the two pages side-by-side; they copy-pasted the 3DR text.

  • so for once we can praise 3DR ;)......

  • Don't worry there will be other better and cheaper clones

  • 3DR offer is still better. I can't imagine working with only the controller with no cables and all for a first time user...

  • So $126, but no GPS Rx or housing, no Power Module, no buzzer and no switch. Considering the sourcing and delivery time, it's an unattractive bargain. I'm a bit surprised the cloners are able to undercut 3DR so well on APMs but not so much on Pixhawks.

  • Clone products are generally becoming unreliable. I prefer buying from 3DR.

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