Photo: Chris talking to Pete Hollands at SparkFun

I'm sorry for the delay, this episode was recorded by Chris' phone and my laptop and the background noise required a lot more edits than usual. Jack Crossfire will be pleased to note that I found the source of the reverb and confined it to a theoretical vacuum. Of course the background noise probably didn't help (it's better at the end) but the quality should be up from here on out!

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Guests include (although a couple of them may not have spoken):
  • Chris Anderson
  • Bill Premerlani
  • Ben Levitt
  • Adam Barrow
  • Tim Trueman
  • Pete Hollands
  • Earl Campbell
  • Jordi Muñoz
  • Ryan Beall
And thanks to Doug Weibel for hosting the podcast in his home!
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  • Don't drink any caffeine. It does make us wish we started 9 years later.
  • Moderator
    Well lets hope lots of efforts start working together so that in five years time we will forget there was ever differences, it will be very cool.
  • I just noticed tim trueman suggested a the telemetry protocol that is very similar to Uav Talk
  • Moderator
    Ah it was the song!! ;-)
  • Moderator
    Fantastic, I am having a morning of aerial photography, listened to the first one on task one, and now will listen to the bonus track when I next head out. Perfect!!
  • I totally forgot the bonus track from team DCM: https://diydrones.s3.amazonaws.com/donuts%20coffee%20muffin.mp3
  • Moderator
    Great one, Earls TCAS comment is brilliant, not quite automatic sense and avoid but flipping close and the very obvious, as all good ideas are! Great stuff!!!

    I have to ask, is there a part two at the competition?
This reply was deleted.