Possible useful UAV programming codes

UAV codes.pdfI am only about 4 hours into my "self-induced" C++ tutorial course starting from "what is a programming language?" So I cannot determine with great certainty how useful the included codes in the attached project may be. I hope that it would help some of you way ahead of me in the programming department.Would appreciate any feedback on the usability of these codes...
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  • Thank you both. It's been a long time since I was learning Basic on the Apple IIc...

    Only had a few hours so far invested in C++. Will switch to C. This autopilot project is a sum of so many things (flying, electronics, computers, gadgets, etc) I have been interested doing for a long long time that it's worth the effort. I would also like to become to some degree independent in being able to adapt and assemble programs for my application.
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    I agree. Start with C. (Arduino is basically C)
  • Skip the C++ and learn C, or better yet learn Python. C++ is a great language if you already have a foundation in another language (especially an OOP one like Python), but I would never recommend to someone who has never programmed before.
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    For those who are confused, this is just a link to a 2006 university paper on an autopilot design. Not sure what he means by "codes", but there is some algorithm stuff in it. Looks like a pretty standard autopilot, but it's a short paper and clear for those who want a primer.
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