Precision Landing Solution for Commercial Drones

Precision landing is a critical requirement for a large number of commercial drone applications, be
it autonomous routine patrols for security & surveillance, package delivery at multiple locations,
remote inspections using docking stations or a GPS-denied environment like a warehouse. It is
one of the key components for automating and deploying drone operations at scale.

GPS alone is not accurate, IR beacons get affected by surrounding conditions and require power
on the landing site, RTK-GPS is complex to setup, requires additional infrastructure and it still
does not give the desired results.

FlytBase, the company bringing intelligence and connectivity to the
drones, today announced the release of an automated precision-landing solution, FlytDock- the
world’s smartest visual target landing solution, compatible with the widest range of drones.

FlytDock enables the drone to precisely align and land itself on the site with a centimeter-level
accuracy. It works across conditions; whether it is landing in day or night, outdoor or indoor
(GPS-denied) environment, on a ground-level or elevated platform, or even on a moving or floating
(in water) platform. Powered by FlytOS, this intelligent plugin utilizes computer vision techniques
and dedicated landing algorithms to precisely align, approach and land the multirotor on a visual
marker on the ground. There is no infrastructure/electronics required on the landing site,
making it easy to deploy at scale. Further, the system can be remotely managed and controlled
over cloud (4G/LTE).

FlytDock is readily compatible with DJI Enterprise, Ardupilot, and PX4 based drones.

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