Andreas and I will be at the Drone Olympics this Saturday.  We received our loaner ar.drone and started fiddling with it.  Chris of course is judging, but is anybody else going to be there?  We can wear the diydrones colors to identify ourselves!

I've started some notes here.  There's some good information for getting node.js, ardrone, etc libraries set up.

Here's an image captured off of the ar.drone front camera, sent to node.js, with facial recognition courtesy of Open CV.  I think it's Andreas!

I'm trying to get it to recognize image highlights so that it can follow a light source.  Andreas is working on a node.js PID package. Embarrassingly, when I test with my webcam nothing shines more brightly than my forehead!

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Comment by Mark Colwell on November 30, 2012 at 11:05am

Good Luck, I would like to be there and see the competition.


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