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    the top of the box i made of plexiglas.

  • Nice work? Footprint dimensions?
  • Hi Peter,

    I'm interested in getting one of the AP - and also one of the APM housings.
    I just requested you for adding me as a friend, that I can send you a message with detailed contact data.

    Best regards

  • Developer
    Don't worry about the baro - big holes in the box, no problem.

    Definitely want a couple of these, waiting for DIYD to show them available...
  • Great idea Peter, I'd buy one...
  • Hello Europs !

    8 Euro for the Box + shipping

  • I built a similar (albeit more bodge) enclosure with CD jewel cases :D
    Liking it. Plans could be shared and Ponoko could be used. Whole reason its there is to do this sort of thing
  • At last somebody with the skills made what I was thinking of.
    Thanks Peter! would be interested by one (or two if it not asking too much) as well for Europa
  • Ok 2 for Europe please!!
  • Sounds good.. I will watch the DIY Shop. Thanks
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