Progress of our flying camera ball development

Hello everyone,

It has a while since I last updated you on the progress of our flying camera ball. Here are a few short videos showing you our key achievements, I'm curious on your feedback on this !

First, we have integrated our onboard computer (quad-core ARM A9, GPU, 1GB RAM), and camera (5mpx, 1080p 30fps) within the drone and wrote a first version of the mobile app. In the above video you can see the 'virtual tripod' mode, where the user focus on managing altitude/orientation and doesn't need to worry of drift.

In this second video, we see the progress of our autopilot (100% custom development, using MBD approach), which enables stable and smooth flight. Watch this video to see how it reacts to collisions.

Finally, here is a third video showing you the drone flying outside and some camera footage. We still need to work on that, in particular the lens needs to be upgraded. Also note that we don't have a gimbal, and don't have electronic image stabilization yet. This footage was stabilized offline while editing the video.

What do you think ? How do you like this little flying ball ? As always, happy to read your comments and answer your questions below !



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