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Progress report of DIY Drones development teams

A week into the start of the DIY Drones volunteer development teams in the Huddle workspaces, we're making fast progress. Here's the current status: First, on Huddle, we've identified at least two bugs that they've been notified about and are working on. Formatting doesn't work in the discussion groups (they're escaping all the special characters to avoid exploits, which is overkill). And sometimes changes to files that are edited online aren't being saved, due to a bug in passing permissions between Huddle and Zoho. You can work around this by downloading files, editing them on your desktop and uploading them again. Or, just check the URL of the file while you're editing it. If the URL ends in "view", your changes won't be saved. If it ends in "edit" they will. Huddle hopes to have fixes to both of these ASAP. As for the teams, here's the current state of play (If you want to join one of these teams, please leave your name in the comments below): --ArduIMU documention: Draft manual started. Team waiting for hardware to document build. --ArduStation Mega hardware: Very active group led by Sarel Wagner. Debating features and power options. Close to starting on the schematic. --Turn-rate limiter autopilot shield: Debating GPS module and antenna selection. Leaning towards a two-axis gyro for potential enhancement down the road (even though we only need one axis now) --Lego Mindstorms NXT RC interface: This has expanded from just a MUX to a full MUX+servo driver package. Schematic started. --Thermopile replacement IMU: DAC selected and team ready to breadboard as soon as they get IMU hardware. --ArduStation Manual: Draft manual created. Close to release. --Airframe library: team assembling --PID tuning guide: team assembling
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  • Hello,

    Could you write direct adresses all those progect in Huddle?
    Is it possble to see all documents of those projects for a guests?
  • Hello,

    I mean:

    I can build any type of aircraft and may do tests so we come to our datas.
    Can i use data from the Arduo on the
    Mega ?

    If anyone has suggestions on which aircraft we will collect data to sign please!

    Customer orders me I'm going to Maya and the UAV test

  • 3D Robotics
    Peter, could you explain a bit more what you're looking to work on. Not quite sure what interpretation of the airplane means ;-)
  • hello friends,

    I would like to Work to the interpretation of the airplane!

    because it will take to the housing for the Ground Station yet.

    The opportunities that I have:

    CNC milling machine with a 2.4 m x 1.4 m x 0.6 m travel

    Experience with flying wings, turbines, electrical

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