ProjectEMS - Environmental measurements UAV

3689574443?profile=originalI and Noemi Salaris are working on ProjectEMS.  ProjectEMS focuses on the development of two environmental monitoring stations. One is fixed at the ground and another is a mobile unmanned vehicle. The stations will measure values such as radioactivity in the area, or atmospheric pollution. The mobile station will be effectively an autonomous drone (UAV). Once the project is completed, we will release via internet the schemes for the realization of this two stations. We will release all completely free of charge(open source), also if we can get a sufficient budget we will also open an e-commerce where you can buy both stations preassembled.

For this Project we would like to use some already-existing open source tecnology.
If we can continue the fabrication of this project, we would like to use inside of it: Libelium radiation sensor board, Arduino, ArduPilot, an some other things.

We already have bought some parts and some sensor. Actually we have in our hands a radiation sensor (Gamma and Beta), a CO2 sensor, a very little quad that can bring in the air Arduino with radiation sensor attached to it. (You can find the photo of this things on our Facebook page)

We would like to continue in the development of this project. If you like the project, or if you would help us, you can find more about it in our Indiegogo campaing.

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