Prototype testing


 I received this nice prototype from Sky-Hero Belgium for testing.

This is the 'Spy' frame.

I already fitted an APM with the 2.9.1b and is ready to go but...

Unfortunately I'm grounded due to bad weather and for the moment it doesn't look to get any better.

However as soon as the sky clears, I'll be out on the field and back with more info

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  • So finally some nice sunny weather here and time to do a test.

    Mounted an APM2.5 like this (just some rubber bushings).


    Very curious to see Accz values as I was told that I wouldn't need any other damping.
    So took it out for a spin with the 3.0 rc3.

    Very nice version as althold is spot on and loiter is just great.

    So time to download the logs...

    3692727779?profile=originalI must admit that I'm quite happy with the result.

    This test was done with RC Timer carbon props 11x5.0 (unbalanced).

    Unfortunately only rain the coming days so no more testing...

  • Very nice!  Looking forward to an update on how it handles.  

  • Distributor

    :) I contacted Sky-Hero to see if I could bring these beauties over here in Canada... will see!  They sure look nice but quite expensive... for some reason these ones scream to me to try to crash them to see how they hold up.  Looks quite strong to me but something always have to break. 

  • MR60
    Hello and compliments from a fellow belgian :)
  • Yes they do, so I will handle with care :-)

  • Do I read that right that these frames cost $5-800, just for the frame with not electronics or motors?

  • beauuuuutiful

  • Fancy, I like the blades, looks like real finger choppers.

  • SWEET!

  • Wow, that's a nice looking frame.

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